Celebrating Life at City Island

City Island

City Island brings back memories of my childhood.  I remember going there occasionally as a kid in the spring/summer months with family and friends.  Any excuse to go to this island in the north Bronx was good enough for us.

It is a very small island with a population of only 4,520.  Most of its businesses are on the main street named City Island Avenue.  There is only one way in and one way out of the island.  So you can imagine how crowded it can get on a nice summer’s night when everyone wants some seafood. (and banana daiquiris)

Sean Sightseeing

... Sean loves City island to watch the seagulls and feed them some of his fries. ❤

On Tuesday, we went up to City Island for a very special reason.  No, not their awesome shrimp and fries, but because we were celebrating Carlos’ (my boyfriend) late grandmother’s birthday.  She passed away January 2012 and while many anniversary the death of their loved ones, we decided that we would celebrate life, her life, on her birthday by going to her favorite place, City Island.

We had some amazing weather in New York on Tuesday.

Dinner included some deep fried shrimp and fries.  We also agreed to each have a little neck clam in her name, since those were her favorite.  I had never had clams before and was terrified to try them but to my surprise (and others) they were actually pretty good and I cannot wait to go back and have some more.

City Island is definitely one of the Bronx’s gems.  Since I am not from the Bronx and have only been here for a year, I am still finding local spots that I really like.  Although the city will always have my heart, the Bronx is not doing a bad job at trying to gain it.   (But it will never happen! :-P)


As much as I tease Carlos about being from the Bronx aka the BX, I did find him here and his family has become mine.

Word of advice:  if and when you visit City island always bring some kind of sweater.  It gets very chilly by the water.  (had to improvise and wrap Sean up with my scarf lol)

Mini, lighter version of Kanye West?? haha

Occasionally, I will post about a new find that I will call a “Bronx gem”.  Hope that the Bronx can gain some of your interest as well.

How do you celebrate life?  Have you been to City Island?  What are your favorite places there?


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