Hello world!

Hi and welcome to Unpolished Gem!

I have finally decided to start a blog.

Unpolished Gem isn’t about anything in particular such as food, fitness, cooking, parenting, etc.  It’s about everything life entails and finding balance for it all.  I went from a college student to a full-time employee.  From living in Manhattan to living in the Bronx.  From being single to having the love of my life.  Oh and how could I forget the biggest challenge of them all, becoming a mom overnight.  In my blog you will read my day-to-day struggles balancing life and trying to find the “gem” in it all. 

Unpolished Gem didn’t come easy.  (both, the name and actually starting the blog) If anyone knows me they know I over analyze everything and I definitely over analyzed starting a blog.  The name was changed a couple of times but I finally decided on this one.  For me, Unpolished Gem means finding the good and positive in everyday life.

Welcome to my beautiful chaos!




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