Uneventful, Yet Very Gratifying Weekend

::Phone rings::


“Hey Julie! It’s me Karen.”

“Hey Karen! What’s going on?”

“Nothing much, its Friday.  Time to go out and get some drinks!!”

“Place and time?”


That’s what my weekends used to sound like.  This is what weekends still sound like to many of my friends that are single and don’t have children.

Friday night Carlos, Sean and I went over to Panera in Bay Plaza to get some dinner.  I had the chicken tortilla soup with half a tuna fish wrap.  Carlos had their tomato basil soup with half a smoked turkey sandwich.  (Sean is a picky eater so he had eaten at home before leaving and just had something to drink at Panera.)

Someone wasn't too happy about taking this picture.

Saturday I was home all day with Sean.  Playing Avengers on his Nintendo DS.  Making pancakes and turkey bacon.  (his favorites)  Picking up around the house and waiting for Carlos to get out of work.  We had plans of going into Manhattan and visiting my mother and niece.  Once in the city we were starved so we decided on Chipotle.  We always hear everyone raving about their burritos but never had one.  So yesterday was the day to try it and boy did we love them.

As they say their guac rocks!! However, I don't think its worth an extra $2.50 for a teaspoon of guac on your burrito. =/

Carlos wasn't too excited about Chipotle prices. YIKES!

Today looked a lot like yesterday without the Chipotle.  My mom cooked dinner and invited us over.  We LOVE mom’s cooking so we didn’t turn the invite down.  I absolutely love spending time with my mom.  She truly is my number one fan and makes me feel good about all the decisions I have made.  She’s also probably the funniest person I know.

While at home today, watching Million Dollar Listing New York I jokingly sent Carlos a text telling him I wanted to sell a million dollar home in New York and cash in one of those sweet commission checks.  He replied with a “LETS DO IT!!” and that instead of Property Brothers we could have a show called Property Lovers. Haha Can you guys see that!!?!?

"PROPERTY LOVERS" no? okay okay!

Hope you guys had a great weekend.  I’m capping mine off with a good movie and a cold Blue Moon…. Yeah I don’t go out as much as I used to but to see this face….


And this guy ….

in the Dominican Republic

And to be apart of this family….

Sounds just as good to me!!!


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