EOS: Evolution of Soft

EOS Lip Balm Sphere

I am almost positive that everyone has seen the above sphere one way or another.  Before actually owning my own, I would see people on the train, bus and at work using this “thing”.  I later found out that it was a lip balm. (REALLY!? a lip balm!?) I witnessed my friends using them as well and thought it just looked ridiculous.  Something so big for my lips!?  Not my kind of thing.

While at my sister’s this past weekend, I noticed an EOS lip balm sphere on her dresser.  I immediately laughed out loud and thought “not her too!!”.  I thought what the heck and tried it out.

OH EM GEE!  (as my friend Yanisa spells out through texts) BEST THING EVER!

I am now completely obsessed and on a mission to own every flavor!!! (Yes I am screaming because I am so excited!)

The actual lip balm is extremely moisturizing and the packaging is oh so soft.  I literally cannot keep my hands off of mine.  The bright colors and flavors are amazing.  I keep one at work, on my desk, and another at home.  They definitely add some character and pop to my desks.

I went to their website (EOS) and found that they have other beauty products such as shaving creams, body lotions and hand lotions.  (Packaging is also incredibly adorable on all of these)  I would love to try them but have not found any in my local drugstore.  I might have to order them online.

If you do not own one, I suggest you go out RIGHT NOW and buy one!  You will not be able to contain yourself from reapplying every five seconds!!



3 thoughts on “EOS: Evolution of Soft

  1. Lol prima, I thought same exact as you when I saw a fellow classmate use it.. Although I still haven’t tried it.. I will take your word on it and buy one because far as I know my lips are always screaming for lip balm.. Talk about being chapped all time lmbo

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