Morning Workouts and Green Monster Smoothies

One of the hardest things about working out for me (besides the ACTUAL workout) has to be finding the TIME to workout.

I envy those people that can wake up at the crack of dawn and start a sweat session immediately after. See, I wish I could be a lot like them.  Waking up, putting on my running shoes and fleeing out the door.  I usually (well not recently. shame on me) go to the gym after work.  And BOY, is this a battle.  The people at work must think I am absolutely out of my mind.  I walk down the halls talking to myself.

Some of the things I tell myself:

“Hey fatty!  Your guts sticking out!  Time to get to the gym.”

“Skinny aint gonna come knocking on your door”

“Come on Desirre! Stop talking to yourself and just go.”

“Maybe I can just go tomorrow and double up on my workouts”

“Do it for those that can’t”

And even though these are all things I say to myself, I am pretty sure that I am making some ridiculous facial expressions to make me look insane!! I truly am driving myself crazy with these thoughts.  Working a 9 hour day (not including travel time) does not make things any easier.  Also knowing that I have to go home afterward to cook, clean, do homework with a 5 year old (hardest task I’ve done to date) and also get him ready for bed makes going to the gym ten times harder.

With all this said a morning workout would be IDEAL for me.  Sean will be asleep while I work out, so no interruptions.  My workout will be done making the thoughts in my head subside.  I will probably even have some amazing energy to jump start my day and my metabolism would be revved up making burning calories a bit easier.

So you’re reading this saying “If she knows all this why the heck won’t she shut up and just workout in the friggin’ morning!”

Here’s the problem:


I want this clock!

I find it so hard and challenging to hop out of bed and get my day started.  It is usually so dark out at 5am.  The cold morning air comes through my window and all I want at that very moment is to hug my comforter tighter and have some sweet dream! On top of all that, I feel like the rest of the EARTH is sleeping at this time and I am being cheated of some sleep. ::sigh::

As the ladies of Sleep, Eat, Gym, Repeat mentioned this morning, I need to HTFU (Harden the F$%^ up).  Tomorrow morning is the morning where I will defeat the snooze button!

Stay tuned!

*I apologize if you were looking for some morning workout inspiration.  Sorry guys! Not here.  But the girls over at Sleep, Eat, Gym, Repeat have some amazing pictures and can really inspire you guys with their morning workouts post.* 


I am always pressed for time, as many of you are as well, especially in the mornings when I am trying to get everything ready for work and Sean ready for school.  I always manage to make his waffles and/or eggs but once it’s my turn to eat, the clock magically says its 7:30am and I need to run out the door.

During these days, I make myself what they call a Green Monster smoothie.  It is a smoothie with a Spinach or Kale base.  I also have these when I am feeling a little guilty about my eating decisions the day prior.

Green Monster Smoothie

Below you can find my recipe for it but you can also Google it and find different variations.


1-2 handfuls of Spinach or Kale

¾ cup of Vanilla flavored Almond milk

1 medium sized ripe banana

½ cup of Vanilla or plain Greek yogurt (Chobani is my favorite)

1 scoop protein (usually which ever protein Carlos has laying around)

Take all ingredients along with some ice cubes.  Blend together in blender or food processor and VOILA! You have yourself a Green Monster smoothie.

Nope. I don't have a high tech blender. Would love one. 😦

We also refer to it as the Hulk juice to persuade Sean to drink it.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t worked.  I think the green color freaks him out!


What are your go to quick meals?  How do you find time in your day to workout and stay active?


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