Adios March?

Happy Monday!

We are two days into April!  Where the heck did March go?  Time has been flying by lately.  As if my weekends weren’t short already, now they just feel nonexistent.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, my weekends have been kind of altered now that I have a family.  They seem to be, uhm, let’s say kid friendly.

Friday after work I went to pick up my godson (2) and nephew (13).  Their parents were having a date night and asked if I could spend a couple of hours with them. I absolutely love these two so I said yes without even thinking twice about it.  We had dinner, played and watched a movie until their parents came to get them.  I have to admit, I love having kids at our place.  The running around, the laughing and conversing just makes a home feel full.  For now I am fine with just having Sean but in the future I wish to have more.

How could you not want a bunch of these little faces!?

Evan (2) ... His dad might kill me for putting this up since he is a Giants fan but at my house we're JETS fans!

Saturday was another kid friendly day.  We went to a friends daughter’s birthday party.  The little princess turned one.  In Hispanic culture first birthdays are a big deal. Unfortunately, I didn’t get many pictures of Alysse, her beautiful cake or the adorable decor. (you’re just going to have to take my word on it) Owls everywhere!  Loved it!  I am still new to this whole blogging thing and need to get accustomed to taking a camera EVERYWHERE and taking pictures of EVERYTHING to share with you guys.

Below are a couple of pictures I took of us celebrating. (with my handy dandy iPhone)

Sean and I getting ready for Alysse's Birthday!

Sean getting kisses from his Tia (aunt) Eva!

Carlos, Sean and Marcos (our other nephew)

The boys!

Silly boys!

My love & I! ❤

Sunday I spent the entire day running errands and cleaning.  (yeah, I know.  BLAH!)

I absolutely love my family and friends.  They make a laid back weekend so much fun! xoxo

Hope you guys had a great weekend and a good Monday!


4 thoughts on “Adios March?

  1. Where did u go… Ghetto ass Bay Plaza? LOL
    I hateeee when people litter in general… esp in the theatres. OMG… the garbage is right there upon exiting. Im guilty of bringing outside food to the theatre… ALLLLL the TIME! LMAO… Unless Im in the mood for nachos… I usually prefer REAL food! I just put it in my OVERSIZED bag tho… No noisy plastic over here! 🙂

    • LOL! it was worse than Bay Plaza… the Whitestone Bridge theatre. (i am ashamed!) It was something random we decided to do after work and didnt expect to see many people there. Unfortunately, we were wrong. I am not totally against people bringing outside food but be considerate to others around you. I can’t even describe how annoyed I was. I was on my way to seeing RED!

      • I just realized I posted on the wrong entry… LMAO… I was about to remove it and put it on the correct post but u already responded… LOL

        Oh well… I need for your blog to be more user-friendly. I expect to make a comment about the entry after I read it… not prior… LMAO… the comment button is like on TOP of the post. Haha…

        Whitestone tho… I used to go there in HS because it’s in the cut. I feel you about the consideration with the outside food. The only problem ppl may have with me is my food smelling HELLA good! I done brought Jerk Chicken, Johnny Rockets, Burger King and all types of dishes to the movies #noplasticbag tho! LMAO… beats the hell out of nachos and pretzel bites! 😉

      • yeah I definintely noticed that lol

        i am trying to make it as user friendly as possible. I need to adjust the comments thing. Bare with me! lol

        We had this one time that two guys brought in there Chinese food. Finger licking and all! =/ Guess thats just one of my other pet peeves besides loud chewing. ::barf::

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