Movie Etiquette

Seems like no one has any these days ….

Tonight Carlos and I went to the movies and it sure was an experience.  We went to see “The Hunger Games”.  I’d gotten about hundred pages into the book, but then never found time to finish it (embarrassed panda).  When he picked me up from work today, Carlos suggested we go to the movies since we haven’t gone in awhile.  Of course I was excited to see “The Hunger Games” since everyone has not stopped raving about it.  I have to admit they had every right to do so.  It was awesome!  and Katniss was so kick a$$!! I am even thinking of naming my future child Katniss, whether its a girl or not.  (Okay, I definitely took it too far but you get the point! ) I immediately compared her to Twilight’s character, Bella and I am now officially a part of team Katniss!  Where can I get a shirt!?

But lets get to the real reason that I am writing this post ….

Did I miss any change/update to what people consider “movie etiquette”!?

It seems like the people in the theater were given handbooks with new movie etiquette and from the looks of it these were some of the rules in it …

1. Food from outside is now allowed in the theater, but must be brought in a plastic bag and you must make as much noise as possible when opening and closing the bag along with chewing the food as loud as you can.

2. Cell phone use is now permitted during the movie.

3. The center aisle can now be used as a playground for small children to run up and down.

4. If you must hold a conversation please speak as loudly as possible so that the entire      audience can hear you.

YES! This all happened tonight and I was so annoyed, but as they say lessoned learned! I will not be going to this theater again. grrrr!

What are some of your pet peeves when watching a movie?


10 thoughts on “Movie Etiquette

  1. I bring outside food in, well, popcorn and drinks only, cause cinema popcorn and drinks are over priced. But… i make sure to open it really softly, so no one would hear. LOL! I hate breaking the silence with plastic wrap sound.

    • Hey Jeyna! Thanks for the comment. I agree, popcorn and drinks are ridiculously priced at the cinema. Last night we spent more on popcorn than the actual movie tickets. =/ haha to breaking the silence. The people behind us had no consideration for others around them. They were eating for the complete first half of the movie. (the movie was pretty long too) and the conversation last the whole 2+ hours. 😦

  2. Lol, you have very true comments here Des. The one thing that gets me upset is when people bring their kids to the movies and let them act a fool. Especially when it’s an adult movie, because you know they aren’t going to pay attention. But hey, maybe they do not have babysitters lol.

  3. Gosh, I hate it when people are inconsiderate during movies at the theatre. I don’t go often, but when I do I pray to God that I won’t get those annoying people around me. The other thing that bothers me is when people leave all their trash lying on the ground at the end. Like, really? Pick it up and put it in the garbage bin. Just because someone comes through to clean the theatre doesn’t mean they need to pick up everyone’s garbage.

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