Back to Running

Happy Tuesday!!!

It has been about a week since my last post.  Where do the days go!?  Besides the usual, I got back to running this past weekend and it feels so good.  I have never been a “runner” so I will not call myself one but I will try my best to keep up with my runs in order to call myself a runner in the near future.

I normally visit my mom on weekends in the city and decided it would be perfect if Sean and her would stop at the playground while I ran the Central Park Reservoir running track.  Saturday morning was a little chilly and I was having a hard time convincing myself to get up and go but God always has his ways of throwing in a sign or two.

While at the grocery store picking up some things, I started to converse with a complete stranger. (nope.  nothing unusual about this.  it happens ALL the time to me)  He first started talking to Sean and then proceeded to tell me I had amazing sneakers. (uhm, okay thanks!)  When I look down towards his feet he had the exact same ones and said they were the most comfortable sneakers he has ever worn.  He continued to speak about running a half marathon in them and how they felt so light.  I had to admit that they are pretty light and comfortable. I expressed my interest in running and told him about my intentions of running that morning but that I felt it was way to cold out.  (Silly ol’ me didn’t know what he was going to say next)

He told me he was a long distance runner and that he had been running since the age of thirteen in the mountains of Africa where it normally was twenty degrees farenheit.  (Ouch!) He went on to describe his love for running and even gave me some tips on how to improve on speed and distance!  (I definitely needed them)

I felt like it was God’s way of telling me to stop the B&%$ing and the moaning and get to work.  That same day I went to the reservoir and enjoyed my run.  I enjoyed it so much I went back on Sunday for some more.  Today, I ran around my neighborhood since there isn’t a park close by and also ran up the nine flights of stairs to my apartment.  When I got upstairs I did some calisthenics and now I am going to enjoy some QT with Sean since Carlos is at the gym. 🙂

Pictures from my runs on Saturday: (via mi iPhone)

PS We also stopped by GNC and bought some much needed protein!  Can’t wait to make a protein shake tomorrow morning with all the fresh fruit we bought as well.  I will share the goods tomorrow morning. 🙂

How do you get motivated to run/workout?  Any helpful workout tips?



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