Protein Shake

Happy Hump Day!!

We had run out of protein powder and I havent been making my breakfast shakes at all. (sad panda)  As I mentioned in last nights post, we went over to GNC and picked up some much-needed whey protein.  (along with some fresh fruits and spinach)

Protein shakes have become so fun for me.  The combination of different types of fruit, vegetables, and/or flavored protein makes it feel like your having a different meal each day.  The way the flavors come together is so neat.  (can’t say the same about the color 😦 ) and call me lazy but just putting all the ingredients into a blender makes it so easy to fit anyone’s lifestyle.

This morning I woke up excited to use the “double-decker chocolate” protein powder we purchased.  I combined it with some almond milk, spinach, blueberries, strawberries and a large banana.  And voila I had my breakfast ….

Do you make protein shakes? Whats your favorite combination?



6 thoughts on “Protein Shake

  1. I somehow can’t get on board with the protein shake.. They always live me feeling like “they don’t count” because I didn’t chew on anything.. So I end up hungry 30 min later 😦
    I di want to like them though

    • What exactly are you putting in them? I load them with tons of fruit and spinach (which alone leaves me feeling full). In between the shake and my midmorning snack I usually have some green tea and lots of water so that helps me as well.
      Hope you can get on board soon! They’re so good!

      • Same as you, fruits and spinash, sometimes nut butter..
        I think it’s the fact that I am not chewing that is confusing my brain… Because I do find them delicious:)
        I sometimes have them as a post work out snacks though, which works well because I can still have a “real meal” later

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