Icla da Silva Foundation 5k

Happy Hump Day!

I know, I know I haven’t written a post in several weeks and I apologize for that.  With being busy at work, trying to find time for fitness, dividing myself between friends and family and Sean being sick, who can possibly find time to blog!?

I finally told myself that if I wanted to keep up with this blog, I needed to find time to actually blog.  So here I am!! And I have also made a habit out of carrying my camera EVERYWHERE I go so that I can always have pictures to share with you guys.

Back in November Carlos and I participated in our very first 5k in Van Courtlandt Park.  While we were both trying to run 3 times a week to assure ourselves we would be fine for the race, we didn’t know what to expect.  I went in with the goal of just completing the race and had no goal time in mind.  The race map that we looked at beforehand told us NOTHING about the type of terrain or how many inclines there were.  To my surprise it was nothing but inclines!!  (or atleast thats how it felt for me)  I had to stop a couple of times but I finished by running through the finish line and was happy that I wasn’t leaving in an ambulance. 🙂

After this I was pumped about signing up for another one but this time my goal was to finish it without stopping at all.  So when my friend sent me a link to sign up for the Icla da Silva Foundation 5k, I was all for it.  I had signed up about 5 months prior so I was sure I would be prepared for this one.  Well at least thats what I thought but life happens and sometimes we just can’t keep up with these commitments.  I had been running, doing zumba and some workout dvds but nothing to specifically “train” for a 5k so it was a week before the race and I had no idea how I was going to pull a miracle.  A good friend and old coworker told me not to log too many miles the week prior to the race or else I would be burnt out the day of.  I took that advice and I didnt run.

Saturday, May 12th came around and I was on my way to Roosevelt Island for this 5k I had been waiting for.  (a bit tired from the night before 😦 ) I checked my bag in and went to the starting line as soon as we started, I turned up my music and started running.  I focused on my breathing, my tunes and the views around me.  Next thing I knew I was 100 yards away from the finish line and finished side by side with my friend.  My pace was very slow but hey I finished and I didn’t stop.  On my next one I promised to work on pace.

This may sound silly but one of the highlights of the 5k was taking the tram into Roosevelt Island.  I have been a New Yorker my entire life and have never taken the tram.

Below you can find some pictures of my tram ride and the girls I did the 5k with.

PS some pics were taken with my iphone and some with my camera so you will notice a difference in quality. 😦 sorry!


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