Officially Cruisin’

Well not just yet but in 73 days I will be sailing away on the Carnival Conquest!Image

When I was much younger, I would go on a vacation every year with my best friend and her family.  When things got serious between Carlos and I, I told him I wanted to start a tradition of going on vacation every year.  We broke that tradition last year.  We had a lot going on at the time (moving into a new apartment and purchasing a car) so we decided to put it off.  Well this year seemed to be going in the same direction.  We didn’t know how costly summer camp was going to be.  We are also getting ready for a couple of weddings that we will be a part of and some other big events so a vacation was looking very far away in our future.

Carlos’ brother, Danny, and his girlfriend, Irene, love vacationing and wanted to plan a couples trip.  Danny put together a powerpoint presentation to convince us the trip wouldn’t be so costly.  Even though his estimated numbers were COMPLETELY OFF (i hope he reads this) we decided to bite the bullet and go.  Hey you only live once right!? YOLO as Drake says. 🙂

So on August 5th, 2012 we will be boarding a ship for seven days.  I am BEYOND excited!  What is even more exciting is that the ship leaves from New Orleans so we will be traveling there a day and a half earlier to enjoy some of what New Orleans has to offer.  I hear their crawfish is to die for and a drink called “The Hurricane” will have me feeling amazing. I cannot wait.

Passports ready!

And with that said I need to kick this fitness thing into high gear!  I have 73 days to be somewhat bathing suit ready.  YIKES!  ::throwing on my running shoes now::

Have any of you been on a cruise?  Any suggestions for my time in New Orleans?



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