Sore to the Bone

Now that I have kicked up my workout routine a notch, I am definitely feeling sore!

I have been taking Zumba classes twice a week which covers my cardio besides the running that I already do.  However I needed to add some strength workouts in the mix and just didn’t know how.  My coworker brought in a copy of  her Fitness Magazine and while I was skimming through it I found this circuit workout.  I made copies of the pages and started them this week. Boy oh Boy is it intense!  Its about 25 minutes long but it is nonstop. I kind of made Carlos do it with me and he agreed it was an intense 25 minutes.

A couple of years back I hurt my hamstring and every time I push them to the limit they begin to hurt really bad. 😦  Thank God my boyfriend is an EMT and snagged some ice packs for me to apply to my hammies. 🙂

I have never been happier to see these badboys ….

How do you guys take care of sore muscles?


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