Bike Riding

I am always talking about trying new things in the city.  I wanted to take a day from the norm and do something that a tourist would do.  Sometimes many of us New Yorkers don’t take advantage of the AMAZING city we live in, so Carlos and I decided to rent bikes and ride around central park this past Sunday.

The place we rented the bikes from was called Bike Rental Central Park.  It was located on 57th street (between 8th and 9th avenue).  I was so excited to ride after not riding for ages!  We paid $20 for 3 hours of riding.  Once we paid we went over to pick out our bikes.  AND that’s when the nerves kicked in!  How the hell was I going to ride a bike when I haven’t rode one since I was a teenager.  Carlos seemed so comfortable and that made me feel even worse.  We were a couple of blocks away from the park so we had to ride ON the streets!  Yup! I said ON the streets, as in that big grayish-black concrete floor where all the cars and  NYC yellow cabs are zipping on.  I wanted to barf.  I would have never thought I would be so nervous about riding a bike!!  But I couldn’t look like a chump next to these “big bad” 5 year olds riding like professionals.  So on my bike I went!

On our way to the park, I stopped a couple of times and pretty much walked my bike there but once we were there I rode for the rest of the time.  Central Park is a bit intimidating because there are so many people walking by, crossing the rode and other bikers just zipping by.  I was tensed at first but once I got the groove of things, I did okay.  I even rode the bike back to the shop, on the streets, riding in front of Carlos and yelling out “HEY I GREW SOME BALLS!” Oops! Not very lady like right?  :-/

I was only able to get one picture while we were taking a Gelato break.  I’m still new to this so there wasn’t a lot of multi tasking, especially not one handed handle holds and picture snapping! NO WAY!

Carlos’ chocolate gelato and our bikes


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