Food Journals

… I vowed never to have one again!

A few years back I did the Weight Watchers program and lost a great amount of weight.  I definitely would recommend it to anyone looking for weight loss help.  It worked for me but I honestly hated keeping a journal of EVERYTHING I ate and counting calories, fiber and protein.  Life is busy enough to add that onto it!

My friend and I were speaking on gmail chat and have come to the conclusion that we are pretty much on the same boat.  Trying to lose weight but not succeeding as much as we would like to.  We do great during the week while at work, but once Friday comes along everything we worked hard for basically goes down the drain.  You know, that vicious cycle where you eat clean and workout Monday through Thursday and Friday through Sunday you carb load like you’re training for a marathon and drink alcohol as if the prohibition days were coming back.  ::sigh::

We figured if we emailed each other every night (basically keeping a food journal) with what we ate during the day we would be held accountable to stick to eating clean and working out EVERYDAY!  and of course make healthier choices cause we don’t want to look like the beast that listed 20 oreos as a midmorning “snack”.

I won’t count calories but I aim to only have to list lots of protein, fruits and veggies.  So here’s to keeping this “food journal” going!

Here was my first email to her

How do you keep track of your calorie intake?


2 thoughts on “Food Journals

  1. That’s a great alternative to keeping each other motivated ! It helps to have a friend who is on the same goal as you.

    Counting calories stresses me out. So instead of doing that, I try to eat as healthy as possible for a starter. That’s already an uphill battle! Then after I feel like I have control on that, I try to eat only when I’m hungry. Stress eating kills me so I try to stay as positive as I can.

    Good luck with your goal, you are already sk beautiful ! 🙂

    • Aw Thank you! You’re so cute!

      I am definitely with you. Counting calories stresses me out too!! I think we need to remember this is a lifestyle change and not just a temporary fix. Yoyo dieting can very harmful to the body. I’ve probably done alot of harm already. lol I try to eat only when I’m hungry. Well, I am practicing that by telling myself “you’re not hungry, you’re bored, drink some water!” every time I see the cookie jar.

      Good luck!! I am rooting for you!!

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