M.I.A. – Missing In Action

Hi guys!

It has been a while since I have attended to my little blog here but I have been really busy.  Work has literally been kicking my arse. 🙂  In a good way that is.  I love being busy and having the work day fly by.  I have also been busy with family, friends, projects and a new makeup obsession.  (yeah i dont know either… guess this gem needs some polishing) ….

I would love to tell you guys to follow me on facebook and/or twitter but I have neither one of those.  I used to have facebook and then it turned into a journal for everyone and twitter, weeellll I’ve been thinking about creating a new account so I will definitely keep you guys up to speed on that.  You can definitely find me on Instagram @dessiebabie … I usually keep that up to date with family, friends, and my normal “doings”.  Is that a word!?  Anyhow, you get it!

Below you can find a snapshot of some of the pictures I have shared on instagram …such as my current project (some DIY wall art), my bike riding adventures, new baby announcements and of course my boys!


PS If your wondering about my current fitness situation. I have definitely lost some weight and enjoy working out but I am giving my knees a break as they desperately need one. 😉