Falling for Fall






It is finally feeling like fall outside and I love that.   When someone would ask what my favorite season of the year was, I would automatically say summer.  Maybe because I usually planned my vacations around the summer and my birthday falls right in the middle of it. Who knows!?  I am now older and the thought of getting closer to thirty, forty, etc. etc. is starting to freak me out a bit. (Yikes!)  And I am a woman now, so no need to wait until summer break from school to plan a vacation.

Now I am not writing summer completely off but I am totally in love with the fall.  There is something about the cool crisp air that’s felt in the morning, hugging the comforter a bit tighter, a bit closer.  Getting closer to your loved one for some body heat.  Waking up and slipping on some cozy slippers or socks cause your floors are so cold.  Layering clothes and putting together cold weather accessories.  Stopping at your nearest Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte.  (Whip cream please!)  The harvest decorations everywhere.  Just thinking and writing about it fills my heart with joy!

The fall also means, not as many summer night outings and more dedicated time to focus on trying to figure out what I really want to do in life.  And of course more time to write blog posts on my dear page that I have abandoned for a couple of months.  These past few months have been chaotic and there is no way I can sum them up in one single blog post, so I may occasionally have a “flashback” moment to this summer.  OR you can follow me on my other social media outlets…. Instagram: @dessiebabie  & twitter  @dessiebabie86

Hope you guys are enjoying the beginning of fall as much as I am!




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