Pumpkin Picking – 2012

At Schmitt’s Farm in Melville, NY today

Today a couple of family members and myself went over to Schmitt’s Farm  in Melville, NY to take the little ones pumpkin picking.  Pumpkin picking is another reason why I am loving fall.  We try our best to go together every year but with everyone’s crazy schedules sometimes it isn’t that easy to agree to one date.  Thankfully today worked out!  This was the first time any of us had been to Schmitt’s and I must say, I wasn’t disappointed.  (Good pick, Danny!)  They had tons of activities for the kids, lots of pumpkins of course, food/snacks and a farm store where we could purchase some homemade farm goodies.  (All hail apple butter!)

Some of the children’s activities included a couple of bouncy houses, two inflated slides (one very high one for bigger kids and a medium sized one for the small children).  They also had a small park with tons of slides and cool photo props to take pictures with the family.  The animal feeding was also pretty cool.  Sean is usually a bit scared when it comes to large animals but I am happy he mustered up some courage and fed the farm animals.  The children also got to go on a short pony ride and then of course the hay ride to the pumpkin patch.  While we were all excited to pick out our pumpkins for carving and painting, my sister in law, Eva, and my mom were more excited to pick peppers and eggplants.  (Can’t take them anywhere, I tell ya!  hehe)  My mom kept telling everyone, including strangers, that she was going to make some great pepper steak.

We had an awesome day at the farm and I would definitely recommend Schmitt’s Farm to anyone looking to go pumpkin picking.

Below are some pictures from our day at the farm.  Enjoy!

Sean and his pumpkin

All pics taken with my handy dandy iphone!  Still working on saving for a pro camera. 😦

Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday!  In Jersey now with more family.




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