Happy Monday! ¬†It’s been a hectic but productive one. ūüôā

On both of my journeys of losing weight and finding zen in my life, I have found myself turning to tea more often. ¬†Yes, it may sound weird to some but there is something so relaxing and zen about tea. ¬†It is now my go to in the mornings to lift my spirits and my go to at night to relax. ¬†Its kind of my little oasis from the world. ¬†The other night felt so amazing with my cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. ¬†(Current read: ¬†Outliers¬†by Malcolm Gladwell) ¬†What can I say I’m a simple girl! (My mother’s daughter for sure!) ¬†I have also turned to tea for weight loss as I am known to drown my coffee with tons of creamer and sugar. ¬†:-/

Any time I try something, I definitely try to educate myself and become more knowledgeable about the specific topic.  This whole tea thing was no different for me.  I definitely have been trying to immerse myself in it by reading and doing research on the different types of teas and of course finding out what their health benefits were.  I have been blown away by all the information there is about tea.  One of the first things I learned was that loose leaf tea is definitely better than bagged tea.  You get the tea in its original form, therefore you benefit from it even more.

My coworker and I have been experimenting with different flavors of teas and she suggested I try the tea store, Teavana. ¬†While out with my mother and sister we bumped into a Teavana on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and I definitely had to go in. ¬†I was amazed! ¬†(and now I am a bit obsessed) ¬†They have all types of different teas a long with tools that will help you make the perfect tea. ¬†My mom and I tried their two newest blends and I automatically fell in love with their Mahajara Chai Oolong and Samurai Chai Mate tea blend. ¬†It’s extremely bold in flavor. ¬†It has the perfect blend of ginger, cinnamon, black peppercorn, cloves and nutmeg. ¬†(with some fruit extracts to add some sweetness) YUM! I bought a couple of other things that have made my tea experience awesome. ¬†Can’t wait to go back and sample some more teas to purchase!!

So of course when FitFluential had their twitter chat a couple of days ago and asked what was the perfect gift to give for relaxation, I immediately tweeted them about my tea obsession and Teavana.

What do you do for the ultimate relaxation?


…Under Construction…

… not only physically but mentally…..¬†


I am definitely going through growing pains and realizing that I hold on to things that shouldn’t have had my attention in the first place. ¬†I give 150% to everything I do. ¬†I am a very loyal person and am passionate about any relationship I create. ¬†Be it family, friend, coworker, etc. ¬†So when I love, I love hard but when I fight, I fight hard. ¬†(I think its a Leo thing :-/ ) ¬†Lately, I’ve realized I give way more than I should and that certain relationships shouldn’t get too deep. ¬†

It’s hard for me to let go of things but I’m starting to feel compressed under all the heavy weight. ¬†It’s time to take some time out for MYSELF to figure out how to deal with things in a lighter way. ¬†I cannot help others if I am in need myself.¬†



Confessions of a Snackaholic

I have a confession… I LOVE snacks!! ¬†and no not the good snacks like fruits and veggies. ¬†I like the sweet and salty snacks like chocolates and potato chips. ¬†(and I have recently found the two together! ¬†YES, chocolate dipped potato chips!…. yikes, I’m in trouble)

During the past workout program I did, I realized I didn’t miss snacking but now that I am losing weight on my own, I find it so hard. ¬†Especially since the holidays are coming around and we have tons of snacks at the office sent to us from our vendors. ¬†My buyer has a HUGE glass jar where she constantly has all types of goodies. ¬†I find that once I have one piece of chocolate, my body craves more and more sugar and my arm automatically reaches for the jar. ūüė¶

If I have learned anything about weight loss it is that preparation and planning are two essential things in this process. ¬†So I have armed myself and I am ready to take on my snacking urges. ¬†Carlos and I went to a health food shop a couple of days ago and not only did we buy food to cook at home but we also bought healthy snacks to take along with us to work. ¬†We bought lots of healthy spreads such as low sodium peanut butter, soy butter (since someone is allergic to nuts), Justin’s almond butter, whole grain rice cakes, ezekiel 4:9 bread (which i looooove), hemp seeds, etc. ¬†We also bought tons of fruits and veggies from a nearby local market.

I haven’t seen any weight gain so I am extremely happy about that but I think by planning and preparing all my snacks, I will see some more LBS drop.

Stay tuned as I defeat my snacking addiction!!


Racing for Relief: Helping victims affected by Super Storm Sandy

As you all may know, we had a pretty bad Hurricane hit the east coast last week and many people have been affected. I wake up every day thanking the man upstairs that none of my family members were affected but my heart just can’t take hearing about all these people/families that were left with nothing. People have lost their homes, their cars, their clothes, their food and some have lost their lives. ¬†I have been thinking of different things to do that can help some of these people. ¬†I have reached out to family and friends about donating blankets, clothes, etc but unfortunately some of the organizations and drop off locations have run out of space to house these things. ¬†So this left me still thinking of how I could personally help and thats when I came across “Racing for Relief” on www.justkeepsweating.com (Go check out my girl Carlyn’s blog right now!)

It is a virtual race where you can sign up to do a 5k, 10k, half marathon or a marathon anywhere between now and November 30th. ¬†You can run at your convenience and it doesn’t have to be outside, it can be on a treadmill indoors if you would like. ¬†And if you are not a runner you can walk! (so EVERY ONE can do it!) The minimum donation is $10 and it is made through an amazing website/company name CrowdRise.

For specific instructions on how to sign up,donate and race please click here.

Every little bit counts and together we can raise just enough money to help a family in need!



PRX14 – Pure Results Extreme 14 Day Challenge

TGIT – Thank God It’s Thursday!!

A day closer to the weekend and I am extremely happy about that! (I mean who isnt!?)

It’s been a couple of weeks but I definitely did not forget about you guys! ¬†I had just started this little challenge called PRX14 and wanted to complete it before speaking to you guys about it. ¬†So let’s get to it….

click for pic source

I was introduced to this program by my best friend, Melissa, who has done the challenge multiple times and has had great success with it.  A couple of us wanted to join in on the fun and of course had our own fitness goals in mind, so on October 20th we started on our fitness journey with PRX14.  PRX14 is a 14 day weight loss and fitness challenge.  For 14 days you are required to change your diet, water intake and perform rigorous workouts.  Of course the food and water intake you take care of on your own but the workouts are in a group setting with three amazing trainers, Margie Prado, Yusuf Myers and Patty.  In these 14 days you learn about clean eating, proper  form and to push yourself beyond the limits you thought possible.

A week before the challenge started, I was terrified!!  Not about the food nor the water intake, but of the two and a half to three hour workouts we had to be a part of for 14 consecutive days!  That just seemed like an eternity for me and I was freaking out inside.  October 20th we had our informational/weigh-in and one of the ladies mentioned taking things one day at a time and putting one foot in front of the other.  I was inspired by her words and did exactly that, took it a day at a time.  It was hard but we all pushed each other and got through it.

The second week was a bit of a challenge in itself. ¬†Here on the east coast we had a little friend come visit by the name of Super Storm Sandy and she just screwed up every thing for us. ¬†A great amount of parks were closed, public transportation was ALL messed up and then we had a shortage of gas!! (things have improved with gas but there are still some gas stations with a shortage) BUT we still got workout routines from our trainers via text or the GroupMe app to do at our local gyms or at home. ¬†I was determined to do them and I did!! ¬†I stuck to the diet and was pleased with my end results …. a weight loss of 10 lbs, 3 inches off my waist and 2 inches off my chest.

PRX14 was an amazing experience and has taught me all about clean eating, working out (properly of course) and most of all it taught me that I CAN do anything I set my mind to!!  So not only do I want to thank the trainers but I also want to thank the group of ladies that were all a part of this!  They each were an inspiration to me!

Now the real challenge is continuing to lose weight on my own! Hope you guys continue to follow and see how it goes!

If you are in the tri state area and would like more information on PRX14 visit the website www.prx14.com or email info@prx14.com