Racing for Relief: Helping victims affected by Super Storm Sandy

As you all may know, we had a pretty bad Hurricane hit the east coast last week and many people have been affected. I wake up every day thanking the man upstairs that none of my family members were affected but my heart just can’t take hearing about all these people/families that were left with nothing. People have lost their homes, their cars, their clothes, their food and some have lost their lives.  I have been thinking of different things to do that can help some of these people.  I have reached out to family and friends about donating blankets, clothes, etc but unfortunately some of the organizations and drop off locations have run out of space to house these things.  So this left me still thinking of how I could personally help and thats when I came across “Racing for Relief” on (Go check out my girl Carlyn’s blog right now!)

It is a virtual race where you can sign up to do a 5k, 10k, half marathon or a marathon anywhere between now and November 30th.  You can run at your convenience and it doesn’t have to be outside, it can be on a treadmill indoors if you would like.  And if you are not a runner you can walk! (so EVERY ONE can do it!) The minimum donation is $10 and it is made through an amazing website/company name CrowdRise.

For specific instructions on how to sign up,donate and race please click here.

Every little bit counts and together we can raise just enough money to help a family in need!




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