Confessions of a Snackaholic

I have a confession… I LOVE snacks!!  and no not the good snacks like fruits and veggies.  I like the sweet and salty snacks like chocolates and potato chips.  (and I have recently found the two together!  YES, chocolate dipped potato chips!…. yikes, I’m in trouble)

During the past workout program I did, I realized I didn’t miss snacking but now that I am losing weight on my own, I find it so hard.  Especially since the holidays are coming around and we have tons of snacks at the office sent to us from our vendors.  My buyer has a HUGE glass jar where she constantly has all types of goodies.  I find that once I have one piece of chocolate, my body craves more and more sugar and my arm automatically reaches for the jar. 😦

If I have learned anything about weight loss it is that preparation and planning are two essential things in this process.  So I have armed myself and I am ready to take on my snacking urges.  Carlos and I went to a health food shop a couple of days ago and not only did we buy food to cook at home but we also bought healthy snacks to take along with us to work.  We bought lots of healthy spreads such as low sodium peanut butter, soy butter (since someone is allergic to nuts), Justin’s almond butter, whole grain rice cakes, ezekiel 4:9 bread (which i looooove), hemp seeds, etc.  We also bought tons of fruits and veggies from a nearby local market.

I haven’t seen any weight gain so I am extremely happy about that but I think by planning and preparing all my snacks, I will see some more LBS drop.

Stay tuned as I defeat my snacking addiction!!



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