…Under Construction…

… not only physically but mentally….. 


I am definitely going through growing pains and realizing that I hold on to things that shouldn’t have had my attention in the first place.  I give 150% to everything I do.  I am a very loyal person and am passionate about any relationship I create.  Be it family, friend, coworker, etc.  So when I love, I love hard but when I fight, I fight hard.  (I think its a Leo thing :-/ )  Lately, I’ve realized I give way more than I should and that certain relationships shouldn’t get too deep.  

It’s hard for me to let go of things but I’m starting to feel compressed under all the heavy weight.  It’s time to take some time out for MYSELF to figure out how to deal with things in a lighter way.  I cannot help others if I am in need myself. 




2 thoughts on “…Under Construction…

  1. That’s right Des…no stressing for you.

    Take some time alone and clear your head, and don’t let anyone’s opinion/statement matter. Need to be happy inside first.

    Love you long time,

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