Maxi Skirt Obsession

I have always strayed away from long skirts. Im 5″2 with a big ol’ bootay lol and long skirts just never looked good on me. I always felt wider and who the heck feels pretty then!? :-/

Today I decided to step out of that comfort zone. I wore this basic black maxi skirt and I am totally obsessed!! It is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own and I actually feel great in it. Its very versatile. You can dress it up with wedges and a pretty top. Or you can “casual it down” with some sandals, a basic tee and a statement necklace like I did here. And it was less than $20.00 in H&M. Totally #winning!!

(Sorry for the bathroom pic… I really need to get a fancy full length mirror for my bedroom lol but I definitely needed to share this … Babe, wink wink!)




4 thoughts on “Maxi Skirt Obsession

  1. OMG, me too boo. I don look good in all skirts, but I got a nice blue and white one from The Loft with a split and it looks amaing. I agree about stepping out of our comfort zones 😉

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