At times I don’t need a million opinions thrown in the air or a million people throwing a piece of advice in my direction…

Sometimes I just need a simple “i/we support whatever decision you make”


My upcoming nuptials are something I wanted to keep kind of private. I wanted it to be about me and the man I am going to marry. Not about anything else. A marriage is a union between TWO people not 150-400 people. I wanted to keep it simple because thats exactly how our relationship is. We keep things simple and we are the happiest we could ever be. When Carlos proposed on August 6th, 2012 I already knew I didn’t want a big wedding. It wouldn’t reflect who we are as individuals and who we are as a couple. I wanted to focus on what made US happy not silly center pieces, favors, flowers, etc etc those things never meant anything to me. What means the world to me is that we were and are making strides to form our family and save for the house of our dreams.

I planned to celebrate with people in our own way and we were already speaking of plans. I was also thinking of neat, quirky ideas on how to tell some important people but yesterday that kind of went out the window. I got bombarded on why i was keeping it from people. Its like I’m damned if I do and Im damned if I don’t. If i would have said something people would want to tell ME how I should celebrate MY marriage and if I don’t I would get what I got yesterday…. So lame! So I’m throwing all worries and cares out the window and I will marry my man this summer!! That makes me a happy girl!! 😁


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