At times I don’t need a million opinions thrown in the air or a million people throwing a piece of advice in my direction…

Sometimes I just need a simple “i/we support whatever decision you make”


My upcoming nuptials are something I wanted to keep kind of private. I wanted it to be about me and the man I am going to marry. Not about anything else. A marriage is a union between TWO people not 150-400 people. I wanted to keep it simple because thats exactly how our relationship is. We keep things simple and we are the happiest we could ever be. When Carlos proposed on August 6th, 2012 I already knew I didn’t want a big wedding. It wouldn’t reflect who we are as individuals and who we are as a couple. I wanted to focus on what made US happy not silly center pieces, favors, flowers, etc etc those things never meant anything to me. What means the world to me is that we were and are making strides to form our family and save for the house of our dreams.

I planned to celebrate with people in our own way and we were already speaking of plans. I was also thinking of neat, quirky ideas on how to tell some important people but yesterday that kind of went out the window. I got bombarded on why i was keeping it from people. Its like I’m damned if I do and Im damned if I don’t. If i would have said something people would want to tell ME how I should celebrate MY marriage and if I don’t I would get what I got yesterday…. So lame! So I’m throwing all worries and cares out the window and I will marry my man this summer!! That makes me a happy girl!! 😁


Animal Instincts Jewelry

It has been a very busy and productive weekend for me. I am hoping that all of you have been enjoying the amazing weather we’ve been having here in NY!!

Last night, two of my amazing friends had a gathering for the launch of their website. They have been selling jewelry for about a year now and are finally extending it to everyone on the web. Their company’s name is “Animal Instincts” and have great pieces for every type of woman. You can follow them on Instagram @animalinstincts4u or you can now log onto their website

If you are in the New York City area you can also host jewelry parties where you have some friends over for drinks/food and they will bring their jewelry over for your friends to check out. They are calling it a “Ladies Night In”. 😁

Below are some pictures of the pieces they had available last night. I also posted a picture of myself wearing a piece I bought at last nights event. Ive already received so many compliments today and hope you guys like it as well.






Summer is HERE!!

Happy Friday!!

It is the first day of summer and it is already gorgeous out! I am so excited for summer to be here. So many things are already planned and I just cannot wait!

Summer is also the season of dresses, wedges and tons of other cute outfits! We also have summer Fridays at work. (9am to 1pm 😁) #winning

Today I am finally showing a little bit more skin! (With the back n forth weather we were having, I didn’t know when it was okay to do so)

Pants and sleeveless cardigan are from Uniqlo
Tank,belt and bracelet are from H&M
Watch is Michael Kors via Bloomingdales
Wedges are Merona via Target



Monday Zen

Good morning! Buenos Dias! Bom dia!

Happy Monday to all!


Saw this picture on Instagram and had to repost, not only on IG but on my ity bity blog as well. Monday is a day that every one hates! Back to work, back to school, end of a great weekend, etc. etc. Even my 6 year old huffs and puffs about Monday. But if you change the way you think Mondays can be seen completely different. Its the start of a new work or school week. It can be seen as a new beginning, a fresh start to something you’ve been trying to achieve.

My cup is always half full and lately Ive been loving Mondays just as much as Fridays! (Maybe not that much but you get the point!)

Create your own Zen!


Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day….

To all the amazing fathers out there. The ones that never ran away from responsibility and did/do what they have to, to raise their children!

Happy Father’s day to my dad up in heaven! As a woman today, I feel like I have very few memories with you. I wish that was different but I never felt alone. I always felt loved and thats something I thank you for.

Happy Father’s day to my amazing mom! Who played both roles when my dad wasn’t around and took on both roles full time when he passed away! I am forever indebted to you for all the sacrifices you made for me and my sisters, for my niece and now for my son and my fiancée! I love you!!

And last but not least, Happy Father’s day to the most amazing man I know, my fiancée! He shows me every day what a real man and what a real father should be! Thank you for being an amazing partner in all this. And for being a great example for Sean. At times I feel bad for Sean because he has some HUGE shoes to fill!! Lol I love you!!

Keep it Simple


In my book less has always been more. Keep things simple and you will see what an extraordinary life you will have. Life was never meant to be difficult. It was meant to be lived. Stop over analyzing and start living! Let go of grudges and start loving! Let go of what you think society thinks of you and start being you!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!