Food for Thought

Saw this little gem and had to share…


Words are like food for the soul! Good ones will make you feel good, bad ones will make you feel horrible. And the ones not said make you feel empty!



Hump Day Thoughts

Happy Hump Day!


Yes! I know I haven’t been on here in a very, very long time but I honestly don’t regret it.  I’ve been out living life, getting married, enjoying my time with family and definitely putting a lot into perspective.

It’s awesome to come back here and read all my small blurbs on life.  It definitely helps me reminisce and see the different phases and/or emotions I’ve gone through.  Growth is such a beautiful thing!  Sometimes it may come with hurt due to moving forward without someone or something you’ve been so used to.  But in order to grow one needs change and  I’ve never been one to be complacent or remain stagnant.  NO WAY!   I would much rather hurt through the truth than live in an absolute lie.

As I’ve always said, I am grateful for all the experiences in my life.  Whether they were small, big, good or bad, I have always taken something away from them.

Lately, I’ve learned that I must always think of myself and my growing family first.  Sometimes being so selfless isn’t a good thing.  I will continue to help others when needed, that, I would never change.  My heart is way too big to ever be mean and turn down a person in need.  But sometimes when you say “YES” to others, you may really be saying “NO” to yourself, your beliefs and your dreams.  This is where my problems lies.  I am quick to say “YES” and commit to something, whether it is causing me to spread myself to thin, creating a financial burden for myself or even jeopardizing valuable time I can spend on my family.  Better to learn late than never right??  As you grow older and wiser (and of course get advise from momma and momma-in-law) you’re able to identify not only the issues surrounding you but also the issues within.  Thank you mom for being such a realist with me.  I believe its helped me see things for what they are, identify issues and rectify problems in a logical manner.  I am ready to fix some issues, let go of others and move forward!

I am completely happy with the life I live, the choices I have made, the ambition and drive that keep me going, and I am happy with my little family!  So desde hoy en adelante, (from here on out) I will be focusing on my career, my family, my dream home and future business endeavors!

Stay tuned!



…Under Construction…

… not only physically but mentally….. 


I am definitely going through growing pains and realizing that I hold on to things that shouldn’t have had my attention in the first place.  I give 150% to everything I do.  I am a very loyal person and am passionate about any relationship I create.  Be it family, friend, coworker, etc.  So when I love, I love hard but when I fight, I fight hard.  (I think its a Leo thing :-/ )  Lately, I’ve realized I give way more than I should and that certain relationships shouldn’t get too deep.  

It’s hard for me to let go of things but I’m starting to feel compressed under all the heavy weight.  It’s time to take some time out for MYSELF to figure out how to deal with things in a lighter way.  I cannot help others if I am in need myself.